After 15 years working as an interior designer, as well as owning a contemporary design showroom, I realised how essential wall painting was in an interior design set-up. Any mood can be created with the right combination of colours and a thoughtfully selected design.


This is the reason I started a new creative adventure based on colours, graphics, and poetry, for bespoke wall designs: Walls & Wonders.


Colorist with a sensitive approach to shapes and textures, I launched Walls & Wonders as a way to expend my expertise, go one step further… 


My projects can be commissioned for interior or outdoor walls and murals. From mellow or eccentric patterns, to wide cutaway contrasted zones or discreet elegant shades, anamorphisms, or just a fine combination of colour palette, I can transform a space by adding a particular resonance and feel to it.


My work is made with passion and meticulousness, always done with a love for detail and perfection.


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Sidney Feret